Happy Birthday Sedona Schnebly
By Cynthia Richmond

Join us for a festive celebration of the 140th anniversary of the birth of our city’s namesake, Sedona Arabella Schnebly in the ever more spectacular Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park. Friday, February 24th at 2:00 pm. The party will include the unveiling of a bronze sculpture of Sedona herself by artist Susan Kliewer, which is being donated to the city by the Honoring Women section of the Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park.

Additionally a brief program of notable Sedonians, by emcee’s Shondra Jepperson and Cynthia Richmond will include Mayor Sandy Moriarti, Honoring Women’s Chairperson, Jill Galea, who is the daughter of Jack Jamesen, Dave Thomas, President of the Sedona Heritage Museum, and Sedona Schnebly’s granddaughter Patricia Schnebly Ceballos will speak sharing a few little-known stories about her grandmother.

Following speakers about the woman herself will be Sedona’s fire chief, Kris Kazian and his wife Kristy who have the distinction of having engraved the youngest name on our Honoring Women wall, that of their daughter Lexi. They will take a few moments to tell us about their inspirational non-profit group, Helping from Heaven.

Newly engraved names will be read. And sculptor Susan Kliewer will share a few words about her inspiration for the iconic sculpture she created. Fun fact! She used Sedona’s great-granddaughter as a model for the statue!

A quartet, Sedona Singchrony, part of the Red Rock Harmony Acapella will entertain us all with a few nostalgic songs followed by Happy Birthday! Lisa Dahl and the Dahl Restaurant Group will provide special birthday cupcakes. And Sedona herself, portrayed by actress Tricia Greer will be on hand to greet party guests.

Anyone desiring to bring a present to this birthday party is encouraged to bring a gift card to benefit the Verde Valley Sanctuary. Requested are Cottonwood fast food and Wal-Mart cards, as the women and children the sanctuary serve often have to escape without any of their possessions. Donations to the Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park will also be gratefully received.

The public is welcome and this event is free.