Leslie B. DeMille
Website: Leslie B DeMille
Sculpture: Jack Jamesen

Leslie B. DeMille, relative of the late movie director Cecil B. DeMille, is an internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor. A master portraitist for over 50 years, DeMille conducted workshops in portraits and still life in oil and pastel. He has created commissioned bronze sculptures, paintings, and limited edition prints for American statesmen, heroes, sports celebrities, corporate CEOs, university presidents, and entertainment personalities. Born and raised in Hamilton, Canada, DeMille won first prize in an art competition at age eight. His studies began at the Art Students League in New York and continued in California. In 1958, Mr. DeMille, his wife, Isobel, and five children moved to Southern California.


Susan Kliewer
Website: Susan Kliewer
Sculpture:Sedona Schnebly

Susan Kliewer, a native of California, has lived in Arizona for nearly 30 years, five of them at Marble Canyon Trading Post in a remote area of Northern Arizona near the Colorado River. Dreams of horses, deserts, canyons, rivers and sunsets have been her constant companions since she was a child. A painter since the age of 10, she turned to sculpting in 1987 after working in an art casting foundry for 10 years.
Susan won a competition to create a monument of Sedona Schnebly. The ten-foot tall bronze figure was installed in front of the Sedona Library in 1994. Her life-size fountain portraying the Sinagua people and a fountain of a Hopi Water Maiden are also to be found in Sedona.
“My work,” she says, “aims to show the common thread that underlies all human experience, and which I hope brings us to a greater understanding between all peoples.”


John M. Soderberg, Ph.D.
Website: John Soderberg
Sculpture: Invocation

“To me, art is not a luxury, but is a basic human necessity. Art can, and should, remind us of our humanity, and that of others, and enhance the quality of our lives. From the earliest artists, Stone Age storytellers around a fire in a cave, to the painters and sculptors and architects of today, art has pervaded and shaped our societies. To me, an artist is not primarily a creator, but is rather a conduit—absorbing, translating, and conveying messages of value to others, living or centuries yet to be born.”

John lives and works in the Sedona, Arizona area. His daughters, Heather and Misty, both noted professional sculptors, work with him on all of his monuments. They each began spontaneously sculpting at age one, turned professional at age two, (at their own choice,) and were featured on Paul Harvey News, People Magazine, National Geographic World, That’s Incredible T.V., and other media, and showed their work in galleries in Scottsdale and Houston, all before eight years of age, and all before their father achieved any professional success, whatever.

Lena Toritch
Website: LenaToritch.com
Sculpture: Military K9

Lena Toritch, MFA, has become one of the most brilliant sculpture artists of our time. With a keen eye, compassionate heart, intuitive insight and extraordinary skills she consistently creates exceptional bronze statues that receive the highest praise and appreciation. This Master Sculptor breathes life and spirit into every statue she creates.

Her love for art and training started as a young child in St. Petersburg Russia where her father was a professional sculptor. He challenged his young daughter to study the great masters of the past, continually strive to better her work and learn to see the world with an artist’s eye.

Toritch was a graduate student at the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts in Russia. She mastered human and animal anatomy, the history of art and architecture, composition, drawing, and sculpture. But she yearned for artistic freedom and opportunity so she came to the United States in 1992. Toritch was granted citizenship under the status of “Artist of Exceptional Ability.” She soon teamed up with Sculptor Richard Young who owns Young Fine Art Studio in Salt Lake City. Young was also a sculptor and had created many large-scale monuments of his own design and for other famous artists. With Young’s experience and business sense and Toritch’s remarkable artistic talent, they formed an unbeatable team that consistently and reliably delivers impressive world-class sculpture.

James N. Muir
Website: James Muir Bronze
Sculpture: Cornerstones of Freedom

James N. Muir was born in Indianapolis, Indiana 1945. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for one and a half years and completed his B.S. Degree at Indiana University in 1970, while also having served six years in both the U.S. Army and Air Force. His professional art career as a sculptor began in Sedona, Arizona 1980 where he has continued to be a full-time professional artist for over three decades. He owned his own bronze casting foundry, Seraph M Fine Art Bronze, from 1982 to 1988 in Sedona, Arizona. He has completed over 100 sculptures to date, with over 60 lifesize and monumental sculptures placed in public locations across the country and abroad.

Allegorical Art is a term Muir uses to describe his art as being filled with symbolic meaning. Bridging the centuries from his historical military subjects to today’s social, political and spiritual commentary, his sculptures speak eloquently of Duty, Honor, Courage, and Justice, but above all, of Truth and the ultimate triumph of the Human Spirit. He has built upon the recognition gained initially as an historical military sculptor to create an ever-expanding array of artistic commentary exemplifying the highest qualities of man.

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