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Emcee: Shondra Jepperson, Guest: Sandy Moriarty, Friends of Jack Jamesen Memorial Park Chairperson: Jill Galea
Unveiling Sedona Cowboy Artist and Sculptor, Joe Beeler
for his Native American bronze, titled: “The Healer”,
Presented by Jody Beeler.
Christine DeSpain Schroeder will speak about her enchanting sculpture, titled: “Puck”

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Christine Despain Schroeder and Joe Beeler

Current Exhibition

Puck by Christine Despain Schroeder


Born and raised in the Southwest, Christine DeSpain Schroeder has always had great passion for her work.

Christine, DeSpain believes that her art has always had a strong spiritual side. Early in her career as a successful southwest artist, painting portraits of Indian children, she has always tried to touch the essence of the souls of her subjects. Viewers of her work often comment that they can feel the spirit, the energy and life of the child that she has captured in oils.

The Healer by Joe Beeler

The Healer

1931 – 2006

The Navajo “Diné” Medicine Man is a healer of all creatures, human and amimal.

Spiritual and Literal to the Diné people, essential to the survival of their culture,

and their people and paying homage to the past.

Created with respect and admiration by my father, Joe Beeler.


Jody Beeler