Joe Neil Beeler


And the Spirit Soared


The Navajo “Diné” Medicine Man is a healer of all creatures, human and amimal. Spiritual and Literal to the Diné people, essential to the survival of their culture, and their people and paying homage to the past. Created with respect and admiration by my father, Joe Beeler.

-Jody Beeler

Joe Neil Beeler (1931–2006) was an American illustrator, artist and sculptor specializing in the field of Western art.

Prominent western artists , Joe Beeler along with Charlie Dye, John Hampton and George Phippen founded The Cowboy Artists of America in 1965. The organization continues and their mission is to authentically preserve and perpetuate the culture of Western Life in fine art. They host annual art shows across the country. The Joe Beeler Foundation offers scholarships to encourage young artists to continue to exploring and depicting true western life.

The Healer by Joe Beeler

Unveiling on 5/11/2022
Event Begins at 11am at the park.


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