James N. Muir

Cornerstones of Freedom & Athena’s Prayer


James N. Muir was born in Indianapolis, Indiana 1945. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for one and a half years and completed his B.S. Degree at Indiana University in 1970, while also having served six years in both the U.S. Army and Air Force. His professional art career as a sculptor began in Sedona, Arizona 1980 where he has continued to be a full-time professional artist for over three decades. He owned his own bronze casting foundry, Seraph M Fine Art Bronze, from 1982 to 1988 in Sedona, Arizona. He has completed over 100 sculptures to date, with over 60 life size and monumental sculptures placed in public locations across the country and abroad.

Unveiled on 5/1/14

Cornerstones of Freedom - Sculpture by James N. Muir

Cornerstones of Freedom


Cornerstones of Freedom, and green granite walls on either side in honor women who have made contributions and indelible impressions on those dear to them.

Allegorical Art is a term Muir uses to describe his art as being filled with symbolic meaning. Bridging the centuries from his historical military subjects to today’s social, political and spiritual commentary, his sculptures speak eloquently of Duty, Honor, Courage, and Justice, but above all, of Truth and the ultimate triumph of the Human Spirit. He has built upon the recognition gained initially as an historical military sculptor to create an ever-expanding array of artistic commentary exemplifying the highest qualities of man.

Unveiled on 5/28/18

Image of Athena's Prayer - Sculpture by James N. Muir

Athena’s Prayer



“Athena” is the classical goddess, not only of War but also of Wisdom. A modern Athena, just returned from Battle with the enemies of America. Her helmet is held Protecting a heart of female compassion as she looks Heavenward in Prayer. She Symbolizes the feminine “balance” to war. It is designed to beg the enigmatic question of what is her Prayer – the answer to be supplied by the viewer as a catharsis for helping to heal the individual, and very personal, “wounds of war.” This is a tribute to all the women who Served in Americas Armed Forces. -James N. Muir

“Mission Dust”
This long day is waning,
with many more to come,
Mission dust lingers…
like a powder-fine shadow
on boots, hands, face and Heart
For when we could not –
when we dare not –
a tear may now be shed;
For the lonely joy and sadness,
disappointments and pain…
For the pride and the Courage
To see it thru’…again.
SSG, Tiffany Kravec-Kelly (5/18)

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