Christine DeSpain Schroeder



Born and raised in the Southwest, Christine DeSpain Schroeder has always had great passion for her work.

Christine, DeSpain believes that her art has always had a strong spiritual side. Early in her career as a successful southwest artist, painting portraits of Indian children, she has always tried to touch the essence of the souls of her subjects. Viewers of her work often comment that they can feel the spirit, the energy and life of the child that she has captured in oils.

Christine has completed her first bronze sculpture under the tutelage of Sedona Master Sculptor, John Soderberg. She titled it “Puck,” after the fairy from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” “The sculpture represents the energy between humans and the mystical surroundings of Sedona,” she said. “He was a mischievous fairy using ‘The Flower’ to cause people to fall in love. Love is the greatest power in the universe.” She loves the natural world, and is very involved in taking care of our planet earth, who she believes has a spirit and consciousness of its own.

Current Exhibit - Puck by Christine Despain Schroeder

Unveiling on 5/11/2022
Event Begins at 11am at the park.

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